Lasco Wifi IR Mini Universal Remote


LASCO WIFI IR Mini Universal Remote Control for TV, Aircon and other IR devices, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant and IFTTT

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  • Control Your IR Appliances from Anywhere.
  • Lasco Wifi IR Remote turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote and integrates control of home entertainment and home automation devices in one easy-to-use Free LASCO App. IR Mini can work with Echo, IFTTT and Google Home. When paired with Alexa,IR Micro gives you hands-free voice control over your devices turn your TV on/off via a voice command.
  • NOTE: DIY Mode does not support voice control, Schedule and Timer.
  • Supports Most of IR (IR only, no RF) controlled devices, Major brands of TV, Air Conditioner (NOT CONTROLLABLE with VOICE with some window type aircon). You can customize for your family and enjoy the peace-of-mind. Smaller but smarter: Create the timer and scene that you needed. Time your Appliances when you want it on and off.
  • IR data base: cover major brands ( Panasonic, Samsung, Carrier, Sony, LG, Toshiba, TCL, etc… Please contact us if you are not sure) of IR remote function. Note: For Aircons, will only support remotes with LCD screen.(NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE with some window type aircon)
  • DIY function: learn your remote controller if appliance model is not available. Note: When in DIY mode, voice control is not compatible , schedule and timer also will not work.
  • IR range <= 8 meters


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